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Archive for March 13th, 2011

Being a girl, I talk with other girls about girl things, like babies, dating, oh and my favorite…all the stupid things guys do. Lately, however, there has been something on my mind, and I cannot make sense of it. One of my friends, who is engaged, commented recently that she wanted to have kids within the next few years. Her rationale for such actions was she did not know how long the marriage would last. What I do not get is that if she did not have belief that the marriage would last, why would she get engaged in the first place? Having a kid would only complicate the matter if the marriage did not work. I feel that marriage is a one-time deal, and that both parties should know fully what they are getting into. A shotgun wedding is rarely a good idea – neither party really knows one another. There are bound to be little tidbits of the other person’s habits or personality that irritate the hell out of the other person, but if they were to wait and get to know one another a little longer, they would be able to more accurately weigh the irritating things against the endearing things and determine if the balance would make for a life together. If people would consider what they are willing to do for a successful marriage and share that with their partner, there would be fewer divorces or miserable marriages.